There’s no secret to true happiness, but here’s how I got there.

The assumption is that we are all unique individuals, special and we experience very different lives. It’s my belief that we are all very much the same in physical makeup and experiences, the order of our experiences however is greatly variable between individuals and ultimately the way we react to our experiences; good or bad, is what truly defines us, and determines whether we are happy and achieve satisfaction from life. Below I list 5 traits I believe I possess that help me achieve happiness and satisfaction in life.

Have a passion and live it


On average we spend about 15 percent of our lives sleeping, doesn’t sound like much but consider we spend significantly more time than that sleeping, eating, and using the bathroom. Yo can see that unless you enjoy what you choose as a career, life can sometimes feel meaningless, and depression is common in people yo don’t enjoy their craft. I’ve tried many different careers along the way and finally found something I enjoy waking up every morning and going to. Find something you enjoy doing and you will definitely enjoy a large percent of your days.
Have goals and achieve them


I set goals almost daily, within my career, my lifestyle and health and personal goals. Long term goals motivate me, short term goals keep me going along the long road towards my long term goals. It’s achieving these different goals day to day that give me something to look forward to. They help to keep me learning new things and keep pushing myself physically and mentally everyday.
Have family and love them
Almost Everyone has family, family is something you’re born with, but you can also create it. I see so many families that exist, but aren’t happy, there’s no personal interaction or communication and little love. Husbands and wives that no longer do things to things together and don’t challenge each other. We can’t just float through space existing beside each other. We need to communicate, tell each other what we want, and how we are going to achieve it together as a family unit. Put aside technology and interact with your partner and kids. When this is all done, you won’t be laying on your death bed thinking about Instagram, you’ll be wishing you said and did things differently with the people you love.
Seek knowledge
So many people live day to day in a world knowing only what they have been told. They believe things they’re told as children, told in school and told on tv and never question it. This is how we have people doing cleanses and detoxes, going for acupuncture or doing yoga for weightloss. Stop listening and start learning. We learn through trial and error, through testing our hypothesis and observing the results. Continue your education and broaden your horizons, you won’t regret it.
Seek balance, acknowledge and manage stress


This is probably the hardest part, managing stress. Stress just like exercise, poor diet or diseases does what it suggests, it stresses the body. It can lead to depression, anxiety and self medicating through food, drugs or bad habits. Managing stress requires acknowledging that it exists first, then planing our lives more effectively and compartmentalizing our lives. Leave work at work, hit the gym regularly, eat a varied and balanced diet, SLEEP! and most important talk to your support network. Don’t keep stress bottled in, talk it out and get over it.
So that’s just a few of the important steps I think we need to take to be truly happy. I left out the obvious but eat right, don’t follow a restriction based diet, learn moderation and eat to your needs. Exercise daily in some form or another and hit the weights at minimum two days a week. Have a hobby, something you enjoy that’s separate from work and family. And most importantly, love yourself. As always, see you in the gym!

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